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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

2013:Christmas. NYE. And the little village of Kasinje.

So first I want to say I'm so incredibly blessed and feel unworthy of all the love I've been shown this holiday season. I've just received a package with more cards than I ever expected from some great family and friends from home. It felt really special to get so much love and good wishes.

I spent my first christmas ever away from home at the most beautiful lake in the world. (lake Michigan will always have my heart) however lake Malawi is so crystal clear and breathtaking its hard to describe. Being at the lake not only reminded me of home but also gave me an excuse to forget it was Christmas and spend the day playing (driving a boat, snorkeling, and maybe a few beers) . I spent Christmas with a great group of fellow volunteers and we even celebrated by having two fresh chickens. (no I didn't kill them, but a fellow volunteer did).

New years was also fantastic, celebrating at a party on the lake, it didn't feel any different than being at home. It felt nice to be in a part of the country that reminded me so much of home, I really had the best time and am so happy.

Returning back to Kasinje was a reality check after almost two weeks at the lake because 1) i spent all my money so if I wasn't poor before I am now 2) it flooded because it rained for 6 dash in a row- all day- while I was away 3) the place looks like a whole new village with maize and beans and grass sprouting everywhere. It's amazing how it can go from one extreme to another, a month ago the wells were all drying up and people were worried there wasn't going to be enough water- and now water is everywhere! I filled up a 40 liter bucket of water from the rain in less than an hour! People are busy farming and working hard in their fields when it's not downpouring and hiding in their houses when it is- which makes working rather hard. However two women's groups want to do pad project again and I'm starting youth friendly health services at my hospital! A Place where the youth can come and get information about health and access to health care and also a place to play soccer and volleyball with the azungu (white girl). Yeah my job is pretty awesome. Well, until next time.

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  1. I could spend all my time reading you ...
    What a great adventure you're doing, I would have stayed in Malawi with you... I miss this country so much.
    Think of me one night, before sleeping and send me all the beautiful things from there :)
    Take care, I miss you


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